LOYO is dedicated to the idea that living alone is the new normal and can be physically and mentally satisfying. Here we discuss how to master daily life as a live aloner, sharing advice and shortcuts to make single life better. No topic will go unvisited from food and health, to housework, pets and socializing.

I have been living a life alone for 47 years and I think I live quite well.  So far there is nothing I haven’t mastered on my own.

9/5  Okay, now that we are passed the shake down cruise period,  I seem to have gotten into a pattern.  I am picking one tiny aspect of solo living and then writing a few hundred words on it. Every other week will be food related.    I apologize for the photography, so far I have been pulling them out of my archives.  But in future I will strive to shoot more interesting ones.

Please feel free to email any ideas or request you may have to ask@lifeonyourown.com

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