The Spaghetti Sauce Conundrum


Too much sauce.  Most US commercially sold spaghetti sauce jars are between 24 and 32 ounces, some even 45 ounces.  That’s a lot of sauce.  So, unless you having at friends over for spaghetti night, you are going to have some leftover.    An open jar of spaghetti sauce will...Read More »

Contemplating disaster

Turn out the lights in your house, unplug the pc, the tv, etc…and pretend to unplug the fridge. Now sit down and figure out what you are going to do if it lasts, one day, two? more?  What if you compound that with loss of phone service or loss of...Read More »

Catering to yourself

Next time you go to an outdoor concert, or take a walk on a pier, or hike to the top of a vista, sitting in a blind on a misty morning bird watching or even just sitting on a bench watching a local soccer game…….BTW why AREN’T...Read More »

Use your head to save your back.

“Don’t buy anything you can’t lift.” That little mantra has served me very well.   It doesn’t mean you can’t own a monster piece of furniture, but it should break down into pieces which you CAN move by your onesies.

When choosing a new piece, even one being offered for free,...Read More »

The stockpile and the single girl (or guy)

What’s in YOUR cupboards?   No really, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.  The amount of food on hand varies from household to household. Everyone was brought up with different levels of food comfort.  And people who get paid regular and have ready access to groceries can get...Read More »

Single Serving Sickness

In my experience, one doesn’t USUALLY get sick all of a sudden. It usually creeps up on you, until the day you wake up without your cheery blue bird halo, then depending on what ails you, you may take a dose of something. Or if you...Read More »

How not to be a dick neighbor

Quick name all your neighbors, and i don’t mean…”the hipster guy with the beard”, I mean their actual names.  Just first names – don’t break your brain…. go ahead i’ll wait……………………………give up?    If you couldn’t remember most, you are pretty normal.  Make a list on paper put it on the...Read More »

This post really isn't about cake

Like everyone else I watched ‘the cupcake’ scene in Bridesmaids and wondered why she only made one. Not that she needed to make a batch, but a leftover one for the next day would have been pleasant and time saving. Once in a while you just want cake...Read More »

Letters of Instruction

That is the actual legal term for it. It is a letter for whomever ends up settling your affairs when your gone. Even if you have no will, and the odds are good that if you own no real estate and have no large bank accounts or dependents you...Read More »

What's the deal with soup?

well some article had to be first…and today i made soup…so you are getting an article on soup….

Soup for one shouldn’t come out of a can…well at least not all of it.  And no, I am not going to introduce you to the wonders of making one bowl of...Read More »

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