What’s the deal with soup?

well some article had to be first…and today i made soup…so you are getting an article on soup….

soupminieSoup for one shouldn’t come out of a can…well at least not all of it.  And no, I am not going to introduce you to the wonders of making one bowl of soup at a time….I mean who would bother right?

Regardless of what soup I make, six cups tends to be just right:  some for today, some for tomorrow and a serving to put in the freezer.   Cause you don’t really want to eat soup for the rest of the week do you? Well I don’t. I generally cook something every other day and then switch off.  There really isn’t such thing as leftovers, just food you have already cooked.

Today’s #LOYO hint for soup is don’t add the starch INTO the soup until its ready to go into the bowl…unless it’s like potatoes and it’s potato soup cause you really need potatoes in potato soup.  Pasta, rice, barley etc.. will all continue to absorb water when the leftover soup is in the fridge, so you end up with very little soup in your soup.  Cook your pasta, rice or barley separately, about a cup should be fine, then add some to the bowl and put the hot soup on top.  Toss the rest of the the starch with a smidgen of olive oil to keep it from becoming a sold mass in the fridge.

71gIWCiWarL._SL1280_The freezer is your friend, you are going to hear that a lot on this site.  The freezer is the single person’s friend, the fridge is not so much.  The fridge is where cooked food goes to die…it turns blue and fuzzy and dies….don’t eat that..never eat that.  For efficient food storage in the freezer, things shouldn’t come out in larger quantities than you want to prepare..let me rephrase that, think single servings….bags of loose items are good too…ravioli, frozen veggies, pirogis, etc..  Choose a uniform freezer container, something cheap and easily replaceable.  My personal choice is the the Rubbermaid Takealong Sandwich Container – the hope is that that the containers pack evenly with very little wasted space, (a tightly packed freezer is more energy efficient) and when thawed it yields a single serving at a time.  The added bonus is that by using a uniform storage container, all the covers fit all the containers and they stack in the minimum of space.   Take all the other things, the tupperware, and the coolwhip containers and the mismatched lids and recycle those puppies.

mine soupPut a serving of your pasta, rice or whatever in a storage container and then add the soup, and pop it in the freezer. Then forget about it for a little while, soon you will have added a few more containers of other things,  stock piling a SELECTION of single servings to choose from next time you don’t feel like cooking anything.

Pictured is a minestrone I threw together because the garden was spewing zucchini and squash faster than I could give it away.  I topped it with a little Parmesan and croutons, normally I don’t have store bought croutons but the garden lettuce demands eating, so Caesar salads are accompanying nearly every meal.  Caesars are a lazy salad, it’s basically lettuce, Parmesan and croutons and dressing, the end. If I throw in whatever else is in the fridge cucumbers, boiled egg, roasted peppers, anchovies then it becomes dinner.

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