So, you’ve been hit by a bus . . .

. . .or walked into an open manhole.  Regardless, you are now unconscious and someone has been tasked with rumbling your bag, your wallet, your backpack or whatever and finding out who you are and whom to call. So, what’s in your wallet? and while we are at it, what’s in your phone?

Nearly all of us will have at least one photo ID, if yours doesn’t have your home address, you may want to add a separate card. Hopefully there will be also be a health insurance card, and perhaps even an organ donor card or sticker on your license.

pet-alert-card-side1-side2Another card which can be carried is the Pet Emergency Care Card…You can even MAKE one of these, just make it clear and pronounced, use red Sharpie, that’s always good.  This should have your address, your pets(s) identification and an emergency contact who will take care of your pet.  BTW do not skip the step of TELLING that emergency care contact about this possible scenario and giving them a spare key.

Less commonly found in wallets these days, is an emergency contact’s contact details. Once a standard wallet carry, many of us skip that in favor of our phone contact list.

Now that we come to it, is your phone locked? Why? “In case someone finds it or steals it.”  Fair enough, but if someone already HAS your unconscious body, your address and your wallet, getting into your phone shouldn’t be such a struggle.  Keep a card in your wallet with your 4 digit phone code written on it. Phone code = 1234.

2016-09-13-19-47-08Now that they have opened your phone, how many contacts do you have? 20 – 30?  Sadly, not all of us have them clearly demarked ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’.

2016-09-13-19-46-55For important personal contacts, add the relationship or the words ‘Emergency Contact’ to the Company Name field.  You COULD spent time creating a field called Relationship, but if you use the Company field, it should appear immediately next to the name and an interested party doesn’t have to search through all the fields of all your contacts.   Add this detail to at least 3 or 4 people, even if you are adding ‘Friend’ that will separate them from the pizza delivery guy and other less familiar people

Another shortcut is to duplicate a couple of the listings and change their First Name to Emergency and their Last Name to Contact. Don’t forget to add their name to the Company field.

There now, even though you are completely unconscious you have managed to take care of your pets, and gotten word to your family that you fell down an open manhole because you were playing Pokemon Go on your cellphone. Feel better?

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