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One potato, two potato

I once read a cookbook that declared that inside everyone is a potato sized hole that needs filling. On the face this is ridiculous, how can you everyone eat only ONE potatoes worth of food at dinner, the restaurant industry would collapse. Regardless, for one reason or another this image has stuck inside my head. […]

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Remembering not to forget things.

No, you probably did not leave the iron on. You know how I know that?  NOBODY really irons anymore and if you do it’s a big honking deal,.   But there are plenty of other things you can forget when you walk out the door.  One of the detractions of solo living is that there is no […]

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Catering to yourself

Next time you go to an outdoor concert, or take a walk on a pier, or hike to the top of a vista, sitting in a blind on a misty morning bird watching or even just sitting on a bench watching a local soccer game…….BTW why AREN’T you doing these things? get out of the damn […]

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This post really isn’t about cake

Like everyone else I watched ‘the cupcake’ scene in Bridesmaids and wondered why she only made one. Not that she needed to make a batch, but a leftover one for the next day would have been pleasant and time saving. Once in a while you just want cake and no one at your day job […]

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What’s the deal with soup?

well some article had to be first…and today i made soup…so you are getting an article on soup…. Soup for one shouldn’t come out of a can…well at least not all of it.  And no, I am not going to introduce you to the wonders of making one bowl of soup at a time….I mean […]

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