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The Price of Milk

When is a can not a can?  when it’s a box. Trying to consume exactly what you have purchased with no waste, is much more difficult with fresh foods like milk.  Once opened fresh milk should be consumed in 5-7 days. Cream will last longer once opened. Not everyone can consume an entire gallon of milk before the […]

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So, you’ve been hit by a bus . . .

. . .or walked into an open manhole.  Regardless, you are now unconscious and someone has been tasked with rumbling your bag, your wallet, your backpack or whatever and finding out who you are and whom to call. So, what’s in your wallet? and while we are at it, what’s in your phone? Nearly all […]

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Contemplating disaster

Turn out the lights in your house, unplug the pc, the tv, etc…and pretend to unplug the fridge. Now sit down and figure out what you are going to do if it lasts, one day, two? more?  What if you compound that with loss of phone service or loss of heat? What about flooding? in […]

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The stockpile and the single girl (or guy)

What’s in YOUR cupboards?   No really, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.  The amount of food on hand varies from household to household. Everyone was brought up with different levels of food comfort.  And people who get paid regular and have ready access to groceries can get by with a lot less food […]

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Single Serving Sickness

In my experience, one doesn’t USUALLY get sick all of a sudden. It usually creeps up on you, until the day you wake up without your cheery blue bird halo, then depending on what ails you, you may take a dose of something. Or if you are like me, you wait until it takes a […]

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Letters of Instruction

That is the actual legal term for it. It is a letter for whomever ends up settling your affairs when your gone. Even if you have no will, and the odds are good that if you own no real estate and have no large bank accounts or dependents you probably don’t have a will….yet.  Your […]

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