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So, you’ve been hit by a bus . . .

. . .or walked into an open manhole.  Regardless, you are now unconscious and someone has been tasked with rumbling your bag, your wallet, your backpack or whatever and finding out who you are and whom to call. So, what’s in your wallet? and while we are at it, what’s in your phone? Nearly all […]

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Contemplating disaster

Turn out the lights in your house, unplug the pc, the tv, etc…and pretend to unplug the fridge. Now sit down and figure out what you are going to do if it lasts, one day, two? more?  What if you compound that with loss of phone service or loss of heat? What about flooding? in […]

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Use your head to save your back.

“Don’t buy anything you can’t lift.” That little mantra has served me very well.   It doesn’t mean you can’t own a monster piece of furniture, but it should break down into pieces which you CAN move by your onesies. When choosing a new piece, even one being offered for free, ask yourself, how am I […]

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