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Riding out the waves

Accept it, you WILL get lonely. There’s a reason it’s called ‘waves of loneliness,’  cause it comes in waves and then it GOES.   Loneliness is just a feeling, and feelings come and go. You can help keep it to a dull roar with some preparation, and if you can’t then you just have to wait it […]

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So, you’ve been hit by a bus . . .

. . .or walked into an open manhole.  Regardless, you are now unconscious and someone has been tasked with rumbling your bag, your wallet, your backpack or whatever and finding out who you are and whom to call. So, what’s in your wallet? and while we are at it, what’s in your phone? Nearly all […]

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How not to be a dick neighbor

Quick name all your neighbors, and i don’t mean…”the hipster guy with the beard”, I mean their actual names.  Just first names – don’t break your brain…. go ahead i’ll wait……………………………give up?    If you couldn’t remember most, you are pretty normal.  Make a list on paper put it on the fridge, actually make a map and […]

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